Saraburi Adventure

“We’re the leader of outdoor adventure in Thailand”

Our Objective
Saraburi Adventure is a dynamic corporate experiential training , Adventure Travel  Adventure skill development and event management company. Based in Thailand. We are dedicated to providing quality outdoor training services to local and international corporations  throughtout the region.
Saraburi Adventure ‘s high level of Creativity, Diversity and Safety allows for programs that are both fun and a valuable learning experience.
Teambuilding Events

Saraburi Adventure’s teambuilding events range from short conference energizer sessions to multi-day dynamic teambuilding events. We have a high lavel of creativity, which enables us to add variations to existing activities or develop new exciting products to meet our clients’s need

Youth Program

The management team of Saraburi Adventure has many years experience in the development and delivery of both school and open enrollment programs. The company offers a range of outdoor adventure experiential learning programs in Thailand. Saraburi Adventure has organized programs for many top of company in Thailand, and specializes in innovative, customized programs for each organization.
Key to our success

  • Ensuring a highly stimulating and interactive environment to engage students of all learning styles.
  • Diversity of program structure to suit all ages and levels of ability.
  • Promotion of experiential learning & learn by doing!
  • Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and learn the value of risk taking and thinking laterally.
  • Highly qualified and experienced facilitators who are also skilled in observing group processes and who place emphasis on team building and the importance of the roles of all members of a team.
  • All lead facilitators first aid trained and qualified. Programs equipped with first aid resources which are available at each activity site.
  • High staff to student ratio.
  • Use of dynamic, creative review techniques & students are also encouraged to challenge themselves through the reflection and review process.
  • Variety of locations & programs are based at selected locations in Thailand ensuring the highest quality of adventure and cultural experience.

General information

  • Program options include residential, non-residential or combination of both
  • Residential program accommodations may include:       
    • Hostel
    • Guest House
    • Camping
  • Single or multi-day day programs     
  • School  term programs
  • Holiday period open enrollment programs
  • Possible themes to incorporate in your adventure program:
    • Local Culture
    • Local History
    • Environmental awareness
    • Flora and fauna
    • Survival skills
    • Adventure Racing
    • Physical education program supplement
    • Outdoor Adventure Activities
Young Adventures Program

  • Progressive adventure based educational experience for children in the 8 to 18 years age range
  • Skill development (such as balance, postural control, spatial awareness) and self-confidence
  • Introduction to team building and team performance
  • Appreciating the differences in abilities in others
  • Learning the value of discussion, reflection and activity review
  • Adventure activities include orienteering, rock climbing, abseiling, raft construction, caving, Archery, Paint Ball, Quad, Whitewater Kayak, Rafting, Rope Challenge, Canyoning etc.

Sample Programs and Location
  • Cliffs Challenge  challenge yourself with the thrill of rock climbing, abseiling, canyoning and other high adventure activities.
  • Caving  discover the fun of underground world  and navigating in the darkness.
  • Action Sport Challenge challenge your team work and yourself with the game of corporate  Paint ball, archery and throw axe.
  • Whitewater Sport Challenge  Rafting & kayaking
  • Jungle Adventure Discovery Khao Yai National Park “The world Heritage Site of Thailand” adventure in the jungle Trekking, wildlife observation, night safari
  • X-Adventure combine the best outdoor action sports available in Hong Kong and Macau for an unforgettable adventure.
Saraburi Adventure organizes small group adventure travel programs to several locations in Thailand.  Our focus is to provide a safe, fun adventure travel holiday experience that combines the history, culture, and best adventure locations of a particular region.  Trips are normally 1-3 days, but can be longer if requested.

One of our top adventure travel destinations is Saraburi, Lopburi, Nakhonayok, Autthaya,  Kanchanaburi.  Participants are guided on a beautiful  Places, journey to visiting  historical sites and natural world heritage site of Thailand  local villages along the way. No previous Adventure experience required.